Aaron’s Testimony

Aaron is a member of Life Tabernacle Church. He has four children; Anna, Hannah, Aj, and Isaiah. You will always find him at the alter praying with his children

“I never viewed my past as a testimony but rather I viewed it as a story of pain and resentment. But one day I realized that was simply a lie of the devil and he wanted me to continue to feel sorry for myself and be bitter. But I will tell you today, because I have stopped listening to the devil’s lies, I have been healed in ways I never knew I needed healing in.
My childhood and teen years were full of turmoil. When I was seven years old, on September 27, 1981, my father was murdered in an attempted gas station robbery. The man who introduced the Bible and it’s importance in my life was gone and I was the last person to see him. My mother, who was four months pregnant with her sixth child at that time, struggled to provide for our family. After a few years of fighting to survive she put us in a Children’s home in an attempt to get back on her feet and provide for us better. And I was even removed from my siblings and placed in a youth shelter. I was molested on three separate occasions in just a matter of ten years. The first time when I was three and the last time when I was thirteen.
After that last time I became angry, hurt, and broken. Why should I care if no one cares about me? I am just a thing to them. An item to be abused, made fun of, unlovable. My anger had no limits. I hurt and I was going to hurt others, which I did. Internally, part of me knew I was lashing out, hurting the world that had hurt me. Part of me knew all I really wanted was to be loved unconditionally, to be viewed as a person.
I remained hurt and broken for the better part of my life. But on December 15th, 1990 I walked into an Apostolic church and my life was changed forever. I finally found a place where I felt at home and loved. I received the gift of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues April 1st, 1991. I experienced the unfailing love I had been searching for my entire life. My brokenness and anger was gone in a moments time because of the blood of Jesus.
I don’t know who will read this and what you have gone through, but know this, a big lie of the devil and one of his favorites is that you are alone and no one knows what you have gone through. I beg you to not believe it. I was a three time molested, angry, broken, boy who didn’t feel loved. My father was murdered. I smoked, have been drunk, been high, had premarital sex, been arrested, been in fights with knives and brass knuckles, hurt people purposely, went to 18 schools by the time I graduated, did everything I could to do things my way, to control my life so I wouldn’t be hurt again. And in spite of all those things God looked at me and said, “I love you. And you are worth more than you could ever imagine.” 25 years later and I am still walking with God. He took a broken and hurt 17 year old and molded him into a 42 year old father of four beautiful children. I’m not perfect, but He is and I have Jesus to thank for everything.”

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