Dale’s Testimony

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Dale and his wife Judy are faithful members of Elkhart Life.

“I grew up in the country, the youngest of 4, in an alcoholic home that consisted of a lot of arguing and my stepfather molesting my sister. I grew up with a dad that was suppose to come pick us up on the weekends only to be disappointed by the fact that he couldn’t keep his commitments and promises to spend the weekend with us. In my early teen years my mother laid in the hospital after having surgery for a cancerous mole on her back. They had to scrap her spine and open her up from one shoulder blade to another. My stepfather left, leaving the four of us to fend for ourselves. Leaving us to grow up with a single mother who just wanted to go to the bars. I was 16 when she almost died when she flipped her car after a night of drinking and then heading to work.

At 17 I moved out of the house after quitting high school and just wanted to drink and smoke pot. So all I worked was in restaurants living in places that were not the best places to be.  I began to work in van custom paint shops making good money but most of it was spent on my weekend party life and smoking pot all of the time. When I met my wife Judy she was a backslider trying to raise five kids. I still continued my path of smoking pot and experimenting with drugs. She took me to my first bar at the age of 20 and we began bar hopping all the time. I got my first DUI in 1987.

I told Judy I would never be married to a woman that went to church; she stayed with me though and we were married a month later. I spent a $100 a week just on smoking pot, not including the time on the weekend spent drinking and smoking cigarettes. In 1990 God began to work in my life because I had a backslidden wife that got her dad to get a prayer cloth; which she sewed into my pillowcase. She laid in bed next to me praying and crying over me. I’m thankful God answered her prayers.

The paint shop that I worked in at that time closed and they were beginning to start drug testing, I had to quit smoking pot to support my family, so 30 days from the date of the shop closing I got a job building boats. In 1991 I decided I needed to quit smoking cigarettes because of the cost of the cigarettes  andI could put more money towards the family. God helped me remove the addictions cold turkey and I didn’t even realize it.

All the time that we were married I would go to my father in laws and he would try to talk to me about Jesus and the plan of Salvation, after leaving I would tell Judy that I am not going over there again if he is just going to keep preaching to me. Nevertheless, we would go back the next weekend. We sent Angel and Adam to church but didn’t go ourselves. In March of 1992 my oldest stepson was killed while he was drunk and passed out at the wheel and hit a semi head on. In October of 1992, after months of grieving, I told Judy something has to change. We started looking for a church and after going to another church once, we went to her dad’s church Calvary Chapel when they were on Grape and Catalpa in Mishawaka. A couple taught me a bible study after I was baptized in Jesus Name on October 31, on Halloween. I received the Holy Ghost on November 30th.  It hasn’t always been easy in the last 24 years trying to raise a family and changing my lifestyle but the one thing that I have learned is that he has always been faithful to me and taken care of us.  “