Laura’s Testimony


Daily Miracles

How many miracles do we really see and recognize as God’s Hand? Even Jesus’ first miracle (water to wine) was a common trick of the false priests dating back to Moses’ time. Jesus feeding the 5,000 (men, plus women & children) was only for the spiritual growth of the apostles. There is no record that the crowd acknowledged the miracle before their eyes!

   I am a miracle over and over. My mother had poor health from late teens to mid 30’s. She had many miscarriages, being able to carry two boys to term. Because of that, the pregnancy with me was not expected to go to term. My first miracle was being born. Little over a year later, I was admitted into the hospital for mononucleosis or a blood virus. The doctor told my parents to go to the funeral home and start making arrangements. Again, I survived miraculously! I could list all the broken bones, accidents, illnesses, failed relationships/marriages and personal tragedies, but even though I knew Him not, He Knew Me and had a plan for my life.

   I was raised in a fundamental Christian home with parents who left the church due to hypocrisy, backstabbing, gossip and the usual human flaws that humans have. So, they dropped us three kids off at the church for Sunday school, then picked us up after. That was my baby steps with God.

   Jump to the year 1984, I heard of a Bible college in California that I could afford. I had a real thirst to find the Truth of God and teach it to others. I received the Holy Ghost at the school’s first service alter call. I joined the community Pentecostal Church that supported the College, and I was baptized under the Trinity. I was a real challenge to the professors, teachers & Pastor as I questioned more and more of their teachings as the Spirit of God moved me. The devil was continuing his tampering physically, mentally & spiritually. I left college after two years, very discontent with the inability of these servants of God to answer the questions I had. My current (& last) husband was happy as I was unevenly yoked. My life once again in the balance with a troubled pregnancy, my son was born one month premature in Dec. 1987. Three months later, 1988, found me with nothing, had nothing and was nothing as my husband abandoned us.

   My parents’ relationship with me has always been strained, but I begged to come home (Elkhart, IN) to raise my son. My son’s autism was apparent by nine months. My father died March 1990 after having had been blessed having had two years with one of his grandkids!! A year later after an exploratory surgery, I was given a 50/50 chance of survival for the surgery that was needed. My health continued to decline as God blessed me with better jobs & higher pay. I was visiting church after church to see who preached the Truth, causing a wider & wider gap between my mother and me.

   In 2000, after five years of what I call the “doctor’s roller coaster,” I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Treatments were limited here so; I went to Chicago until insurance refused out of state treatment. I floundered with bad & worse doctors until God opened the door to Indianapolis, IN. With many other things, the primary organs affected: another surgery for Crohn’s, less than 50/50 chance, severe liver damage and a pancreas eating itself (drain tube eight months).

   God was ready for me, I received His Spirit, but the baptism was incorrect. Like with Job, God told the devil that he could touch my flesh but not my soul. God guided me to Life Tabernacle in 2014, walking through the door was like being pregnant – the Holy Ghost jumped in my body! I met with Pastor Johnson & Matt Yeater, and I know I was cocky as I had been to so many churches before this. Yes, this was HOME!! The Holy Spirit confirmed in my soul. I’ve growing with each sermon, each Bible study & each worship service. I talked to the Pastor about my baptism being incorrect, and that was straightened out that week, In Jesus Name!!

   Miracles, miracles & more miracles!!! Should I expect or even want more? I am happy to want only more of Him. Yes, He can choose to heal me, but who would SEE? The members of our church would build their faith, and my doctors would claim a remission, but there would be no visible physical change. With these challenges God has allowed – I have talked to others & witnessed. Nursed are overwhelmed by “my” strength & spirit and I witness. I continue to show love to all around me. To love my mother and my son in their disbelief. To reach out to others, to be the servant of Him who died for you and me. I am not perfect, and that’s why I’m in church, to work on my salvation with fear and trembling. God knows I will not leave Him because my body is broken, in pain & suffering. God is my rock, my salvation, my hope and my shield. I praise Him for having a plan for me, for the many miracles and the many trials. I am no different than anyone else – my next breath is His, the next minute is His, and I shall give Him the Glory and the Honor to my dying breath.