Here are some of our helpful Sermon Series

Families Matter – So Here Is A Series on Family Matters

We believe God’s word shows the most effective form of family there is. What is it that makes an effective family? Is it the physical structure? Is it cleanliness? Is it
order? Is it a set of rules? Is it everyone being what they want to be? How much guidance should you give your kids? How should you guide them? Will you squelch their personalities? Have you ever disagreed about finances? For the next 5 weeks, we are going to take a look at what the Bible says about having a peaceful home. Join us and learn principles of raising kids that work. Jesus heals, setting right the body; he casts out evil, setting right the spirit; he teaches about loving your neighbor, setting right the social realm. Jesus lives out all that God wants his people to become. His principle of loving God first, and then loving you
neighbor is most effective when lived out in the home.

Join us as we study:

  1. Putting God first in your family – Your kids pick up your values – Watch Here
  2. Raising kids to be Christians – You are a trainer of your kids. – Watch Here
  3. Managing Your Finances Together – Agreements Win, Differences Exist – Watch Here
  4. Differences Between Us – How God made men and women to compliment each other, not to compete with each other. – Watch Here
  5. Stages – Opportunities For Growing through Life’s stages – Falling in love with change.
  6. Leaving A legacy

So join us for the next 6 weeks and allow peace to fill your home and your life, every Sunday at 11:30 AM