Sonny’s Testimony

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Sonny and his wife are active members of Life Tabernacle in Elkhart. He is apart of the worship band and is a very passionate and skilled songwriter. Sonny is currently sharing his testimony all over the country, hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. You can read more about his efforts to fight against drugs and addiction by visiting his blog at .Hope you enjoy this week’s testimony from Sonny. God bless!


I have this equation that I have been living by for the last 14 years, Me +Jesus = Better. I got this calculation from one of the first interactions I had with Pastor Mark Johnson.

It was a concept that was strange but not unfamiliar to me in its nature since I was raised in a home that did their dead level best to teach me the ways and things of God. However, my thirst for the world and its pleasures outweighed my parents’ prayers and I ignored their godly advice. I walked right into a world that I was completely unprepared and not designed for. The human body was not constructed with the need to add chemical intoxicants to create emotions such as happiness and joy. But that’s exactly what I did. I was desperately wanting to fit in amongst my peers.  I did not know that these substances would change the very fabric of my DNA to the point where I quickly lost the ability to control my own thoughts and emotions. This created a NEED for me to manufacture my own emotions through drugs and alcohol that God intended to be present naturally. Throughout my teens and 20’s I was a slave to these products that would masterfully control every aspect of my life. While I was bound by these feelings that would ridicule, mock, and abuse me, I would justify where I was in life for just a few minutes of that high that would gratify my sense of self… over and over again.  The process of addiction had become who I was and who I would remain to be forever.

This brings me back to Pastor Johnson and this equation that “rudely” interrupted a perfectly addicted life. Lol!  A few months before this chance meeting I checked myself into a rehab facility.  The purpose of this was not really to stay clean and sober but to learn how to use drugs more efficiently without becoming suicidal or experiencing all the depths of depression that come along with them.  This didn’t work and I actually began to see where I had a serious problem and needed to make a change.  One of the things they taught me in my classes was that if I came across somebody that looked like they had something I wanted, to ask them how they got it.  So on my first day out of rehab my path crossed with Pastor Johnson, as I was surprising my mother at church, and it was what he told me that day that has forever changed my path.  He told me that he loved me. Then he had the nerve to look me straight in the eye with the utmost confidence and tell me that it’s the best life living for the Lord.  I thought he was crazy at first and was just being polite. But as his words kept echoing in my head, I decided I should investigate this idea of “a good life” a little further.  After 14 years of listening to a man who truly loves people and being a part of the best church on planet earth, I now have my very own relationship with the King of all kings and I can truly say that Me + Jesus=Better!