Denise’s Testimony



Denise has gone to Life Tabernacle for most of her life. She was baptized at Life Tabernacle when she was 8 and received the gift of the Holy Ghost by evidence of speaking in other tongues when at age 9.
Even though I had the Holy Ghost since I was a child, I suffered from chronic depression. I never sought out help for the problems I had but thought it was just a part of life. When I was 20 years old my sister, who was four years older than I, died in a car wreck that had a significant impact on my life. I look back and realize my depression grew even worse when I lost my sister. A year after losing her and battling severe depression I looked for medical help. The doctor gave me medicine that seemed to work. In fact, it worked so well I stopped taking it because I thought I was healed. After I realized my mistake, I went back to the doctor again for help.
A year or so after that I went to a prayer meeting at Life Tabernacle. I remember that night on my knees in prayer weeping, asking God “Why?!” about so many things that were not right in my life. God did not give me the answer to my question. Rather he gave his answer which was so much greater than the answer I was asking for. He spoke to me, saying I no longer needed the medicine I was taking. But that He would be my joy and my piece if I just let Him be the lord of my life.
After seeking counsel from my pastor, he directed me to discuss this change with the doctor. And surprisingly the doctor was in favor of it. The doctor told me that he was a Christian and whole heartedly believed God could heal me. His only stipulation was that I would check in with him and schedule another appointment to see where I was in a few months and to call him if I needed anything.

27 years later I do not take medication and I do not suffer from any traces of depression. When I quit cold turkey I never experienced withdrawal or any other symptoms. In today’s world where depression is so common I am here as an example of the power of Jesus and the joy He brings. I can never heal you, but I know a God that can!