Testimony Tuesday- Billie


Testimony Tuesday- Billy is an active member at Life Tabernacle Church. She helps in the music department and if you visit our church you will actually receive a homemade peach cobbler from her! We hope you are touched by her incredible testimony.

“I started my journey to find my missing piece/peace a little over two years ago. My life was a mess: I battled depression, health problems, and an unstable marriage. My husband and I had found out that we were not capable of havin

g children and we forgot how to communicate. We had talked about the big “D”: divorce. Let me just say, the struggle was real! My health was horrible: I had back problems; I was overweight; and I had an unbalanced thyroid. My depression was out of control but only a few people really knew how deeply it affected me. Honestly, it’s hard to admit that I entertained suicidal thoughts.

I grew up in church so I knew God was The Almighty, but I truthfully didn’t care. He never did anything for me… Well let me tell you He wants to do something for you, He wants to give you a testimony to share! I slowly started giving my broken life back to God and he returned it to me fresh, new, and unbroken! He healed my thyroid and I no longer take any medicine. My health problems are minimal. The depression I battled is gone because I have the Joy of the Lord. My marriage is the best part: I have a closer, more loving relationship, and a partner who feels the same way towards me. We are currently planning our 10 year anniversary trip!

I would just like to say I am so glad I found Life Tabernacle Church. It is a place for healing, restoration, and place where you can find purpose.

Thank You Jesus for being my Redeemer; my Savior; my missing piece/peace”