Level 1 Leader

  • Completed New Life Seminar        Level 1
  • Make the commitments to be a participant in the Spiritual Life of ElkhartLife and Sign the Form in the NLS.
Level 2 Leader
  • Completed New Life Seminar     Level 2
  • Made Commitments to participate in the financial success of the church 
  • Joined a Bible study group or a Home Fellowship group.

Level 3 Leader

  • Completed New Life Seminar   Level 3
  • Met with the pastor to go over goals and directions spiritually.
  • Committed to our leadership covenant.
  • Participating in the leadership of a Bible Study or Home Fellowship group.

Volunteer Opportunities

 Here are some great opportunities for you to become involved in ministry. Try a role out and see if you like it. Give us three months in a new role, and see if you can really make a difference in someone’s life.  Just click a link next to a available role.
No Level Required:
Notre Dame Volunteer – Click Here
Bible Study – Click Here
Small Group A- The Point of Low Points – Click Here 
Small Group B- Ladies of Life – Click Here
Small Group C- Volleyball – Click Here
Small Group E- Basketball – Click Here
Level 1 Leader Required:
Greeting Staff – Click Here
Level 2 Leader Required:
Nursing Home Director – Click Here
Sunday School Assistant – Click Here
Media Technician – Click Here
Video Technician – Click Here
Level 3 Leader Required:
Nursery Staff – Click Here 
Small Group Leader – Click Here 
Married’s Director – Click Here
Young Married Director – Click Here
Men’s Group Director – Click Here